the same old fairy tale.

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can straight girls please stop shitting their pants over being mistaken for lesbians or being called lesbians as an insult?

when someone tries to insult you by calling you a lesbian, they’re a homophobe. if you actually find it insulting to be called a lesbian, you’re a homophobe too. this is not a difficult concept to grasp.

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Bisexuality: Setting the Records “Straight” [x]

My Bisexuality has no bearing on my ability to commit to someone. All that means is that the potential pool of applicants is a bit bigger.”

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"I remember my dad shouting at the television. Margaret Thatcher would come on the news and he’d be like you fuckin’ this, you fuckin’ that and I never understood it, I could never quite work out why. I get it now, I get what she did. It was brutal and disgusting. And I’m just very proud to have been a part, and show our generation what really went on back then. I think its incredibly important we all see it.” (x)

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Being yourself is one of the hardest things because it’s scary. You always wonder whether you’ll be accepted for who you really are. I decided to call my record ‘Inside Out’ because that’s my motto about life. I don’t think you ever succeed at trying to be anyone else but who you truly are.”

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Anonymous asked: so hello there. I found your blog when I searched for my hometown on tumblr, which is osnabrück. do you by chance live there or somewhere around that (dull) place?

sorry, no. i actually am from a small place about 250km east of osnabrück but i’ve been living in the uk for 3 years by now.